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StealthJet Collaboration

Hi everyone!

Since life has been back to normal post covid my real job as an airline pilot has been keeping me pretty busy, that coupled with a family to run and my other interest running ultra marathons means that product designing is taking more time than it did when we were all stuck in our homes.

Just before Christmas I started a collaboration with instagrammer @marc_mpv. Marc is an aviation illustrator and I thought it would be fun to take a design he posted on Instagram and make it fly.

Well, after a decent amount of work I'm happy to say the design is there. I have two concerns currently that are holding the project up. First is the fact that my Dr Mad Thrust 50mm EDF is absolutely rubbish, and second it will need to be bungee launched.

For the first problem I will invest in a new FMS EDF and I am currently building a rig for the bungee launch. I hope to have this together before spring so we can get out and do a maiden.

Let me know if you have any top tips for 50mm EDF's or bungee launches!

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