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Micro SR-71: Image
Micro SR-71: Image


UMX Ultrix powered 3D printed RC is here.

The SR-71 Blackbird is one of the most recognisable aircraft in the skies, which is no mean feat for a top secret spy plane.

Developed by Lockheed's Skunk Works division from the similar A-12 it served as a high speed, high altitude spy plane from 1966 until 1999 and still holds the record for the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft, which it set in 1976.

This 3D printed micro model of the SR-71 was designed by Anthony Sole. It utilises the UMX Ultrix RC components (you can buy them here) and the lightweight qualities of low density foaming filament, such as LW-PLA from Colorfabb.

For this 3D printed model we recommend a print bed size of 200mm/200mm/200mm 

THE MODEL IS DESIGNED TO BE PRINTED IN LW-PLA or other low density foaming filament.

Wing Span


Wing Loading


Flying Weight 

Airframe is 45g minus the 500mAH 1S battery

RC Components

UMX Ultrix motors, servos and control board with AS3X. 500mAh 1S

Ultrix Props can be used but will need trimming, otherwise you can get some 1.6x1.6x4 quad props.

Parts can be found here.

Micro SR-71: Text

Flight Video

BIG fun in a small package!

Take a look at the amazing Micro SR-71

Micro SR-71: Video

Build Video

Here is the build video to guide you through your Micro SR-71 assembly.

Print Settings

LW-PLA If you need to learn about LW PLA there is a good thread in here about it. 

Middle, Tail and Nose

0.4mm line width
0.25mm layer height
0.4mm nozzle
2 bottom layers,
0 top layers
Vase Mode (Gives it the strength.)

Elevators and Servo Trays

100% infill

3 shells 

2 bottom and 2 top layers.

Motor Mounts

As above but in regular PLA.

More information on the build can be found here.

The CG for this model is right on the fuselage seam line.

Micro SR-71: Video
Micro SR-71: Featured Product

Micro SR-71

Micro SR-71: Gallery
Micro SR-71: Product Gallery
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