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Scrubby Carbon Cub: Image
Scrubby Carbon Cub: Featured Product
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Scrubby Carbon Cub: Image


Introducing Scrubby! Inspired by Mike Patey's highly modified Carbon Cub Scrappy, with its big bush wheels and over engineered landing gear.

The Carbon Cub itself is a modified version of Pipers Super Cub.

Our 3D printed version of this legacy aircraft requires a print bed size of 200mm/200mm/220mm.

Wing Span


Flying Weight 

(2650mAh 4S):    1450g

Wing Loading

57.6 g/dm2    18.9 oz/sq.ft

Wing Cube Loading



5 Channel

Scrubby Carbon Cub: Text
Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 11.50.28.png
Scrubby Carbon Cub: Image
Scrubby Carbon Cub: Files

rc3Dprint Scrubby Flight Video COMING SOON

The Scrubby flight video will be here when we have it. In the meantime here is our Porter doing some circuits.

Scrubby Carbon Cub: Video

Scrubby Carbon Cub

Scrubby Carbon Cub: Gallery
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