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Micro Peregrine: Image
Micro Peregrine: Image

Micro Peregrine

Our sleek micro flying wing

Our 3D printed Micro Peregrine flying wing was inspired by the popular photo of a Peregrine Falcon in a dive. The sleek aerodynamic lines give way to a lightweight, versatile flying wing. Small enough to leave in the back of your car for that opportunistic flight.

This 3D printed micro model utilises the UMX Cessna 182 components (you can buy them here) and the lightweight qualities of low density foaming filament, such as LW-PLA from Colorfabb.

You can also install your own choice of electronics if you don't have UMX electronics available.

For this 3D printed model we recommend a print bed size of 200mm/200mm/220mm 

THE MODEL IS DESIGNED TO BE PRINTED IN LW-PLA or other low density foaming filament.

Wing Span


Wing Loading


Flying Weight 


RC Components

UMX Cessna 182 motor, 2 x 2.3g micro linear throw micro servos and control board with AS3X. 280mAh 2S

182 or Timber Prop.

Alternative parts: Motor and ESC from Zohd Dart 250, max es9251 servos and a Lemon stabilised receiver.

For a full parts list take a look at the assembly manual.

Parts can be found here.

Micro Peregrine: Text
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Micro Peregrine: Image
Micro Peregrine: Files

Flight Video

Watch the Maiden flight of the Micro Peregrine flying wing.

Micro Peregrine: Video
Micro Peregrine: Featured Product

Micro Peregrine

Micro Peregrine: Gallery
Micro Peregrine: Product Gallery
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