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First flown in February 1961 the Cessna Skymaster was a unique and innovate twin engine aircraft. Designed as a safer alternative to conventional twin pistons, its curious inline engine design promised simple single engine handling for GA pilots. It didn't turn out to be the game changer Cessna wanted but it still commands a cult-like following. Just under 3000 models were produce by Cessna before production finished.

For our 3D printed version of this legacy aircraft we recommend a print bed size of 200mm/200mm/240mm. Included are alternative STL's to fit 200mm/200mm/200mm. Please get in touch at rc3dprint@icloud.com, of use the forum if you have any questions.

See the downloadable Assembly manual on this page for more details. Follow the blog for up to date Skymaster news.

Wing Span


Flying Weight 

(2200mAh 3S):    1200g

Wing Loading

53 g/dm2    17.4 oz/sq.ft

Wing Cube Loading



4 Channel


Flight Video

Check out the maiden flight of the Cessna 337, courtesy of RAYviation

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Cessna Skymaster Printing and Assembly

Download Now

Assembly Booklet

Everything you need to know, from required parts, print layout and assembly.

rc3Dprint Skymaster 337

rc3Dprint Skymaster 337

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