The evolution of the legendary Long EZ

This model is based on the Velocity XL, which in turn was a four seat evolution from the Burt Rutan Long EZ. It's distinct airframe utilises a forward wing so that all the surfaces are lifting unlike conventional designs. The Velocity aircraft company have done some amazing things with this airframe from installing twin engines, turbo props and even rocket motors!

This 3D printed micro model of the Velocity utilises the UMX Cessna 182 components (you can buy them here) and the lightweight qualities of low density foaming filament, such as LW-PLA from Colorfabb.

You can also install your own choice of electronics as the airframe wing loading is so low.

For this 3D printed model we recommend a print bed size of 200mm/200mm/200mm 

THE MODEL IS DESIGNED TO BE PRINTED IN LW-PLA or other low density foaming filament.

Wing Span


Wing Loading


Flying Weight 


RC Components

UMX Cessna 182 motor, 2 x 2.3g micro linear throw micro servos and control board with AS3X. 280mAh 2S

182 or Timber Prop.

For a full parts list take a look at the assembly manual.

Parts can be found here.

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 11.52.05.png

Printing & Assembly Manual

rc3Dprint Micro Velocity

rc3Dprint Micro Velocity


Flight Video

Covid lockdown 😔

Back soon with the flight video of the Velocity. In the meantime here is our Micro SR71...

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