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Scrappy Inspired Carbon Cub Joins the Fleet

Meet Scrubby, our newest model to the rc3dprint line up. Inspired by Mike Patey's Scrappy Carbon Cub our latest model is a 1.2m wing span Cub featuring the iconic over engineered landing gear that features on Scrappy. The landing gear set up adds some weight but this is offset by the massive wing area.

I get lots of comments on instagram asking me if Mike Patey approves. Honestly I don't think the guy has the time but I think its important to remember he himself has taken a design (the Carbon Cub) and built on it. Whilst this model is clearly inspired by the look of Scrappy, the dimensions, wing, and tail have all been modified for RC scale but fundamentally it's still a Carbon Cub. So perhaps the question should be; does Jim Richmond approve?

With life going back to normal work-wise its taken a while to get this model ready but I am really happy how it turned out. Its easy to print, using no special modes like surface or vase mode, easy to built and easy to fly. The first flight ended with a collapsed landing gear with a break in the top hinge joint. The joint has been re-enforced and the arm is now designated as a PLA or PETG part to take the strain. Initially I designed the model to have a removable wing but with the wing supports being a bit fiddly I found that having the wing glued in place gave it lots of stiffness and durability. I have never been one for battery trays, preferring just to go with sticky velcro but it would be easy enough to design your own tray for this model.

I plan to realese a flight video soon but as I have mentioned before, I find filming maidens a little too stressful as I am usually on my own!

More info on Scrubby can be found on its web page here.

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