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New Arrival and an Update on the Hangar

I'm really excited to announce the arrival of a new model to the site. This one a Howard DGA-5 designed by Ben Eitel is a beautiful recreation of the 1930's racer. It has a 1000mm wingspan and weighs in at 950g printed largely in regular PLA. You can find out more on the Howard DGA-5 page here.

This month has seen lots or progress on the development of the marketplace I announced back in the summer. I have a platform in development testing at the moment that will allow designers to set up a store in the marketplace to offer models such as Ben's Howard DGA-5.

The platform is also capable of allowing users to set up stores for physical products if that appeals to anyone. My hope is that we can make the marketplace the online home for 3D printed RC models of all types, across land, sea, and air. The name has changed to reflect this from the Hanger to rc3Dmarket and I hope we will be live soon.

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