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Looking forward to 2022 at rc3Dprint

This year has been another hugely exciting one for us here at rc3Dprint - we have launched lots of new models and a new marketplace platform! I'm pleased to say rc3Dmarket is growing well will 39 different models available at the last check - if you're looking for something to print over the holidays it might be worth taking a look! If you are a designer and have designed you own models why not upload it for other builders to download and build?

Launching took up a lot of my time as the world and my day job began opening back up. This put some of our new models on the back burner but I'm looking forward to getting stuck back in in the new year a well earned holiday away.

First up will be the Scrappy inspired STOL Cub. The design is fairly mature already but the addition of slats and fowler flaps requires some more time and testing, as does the fuselage structure to support the landing gear which uses some pneumatic shocks.

The plan for double slotted slats has been shelved for now as I think there would be little benefit... would look cool though...

Also in the works is a 800mm span, prop driven Vulcan. I had hoped to get this out before I left for vacation but it will have to wait till the new year too. It's all printed awaiting wiring up and a maiden. It's been designed to be a really simple print and build that is super tough, even in LW-PLA.

I also plan to return to the VTOL Harrier I began last year, although I've a feeling I may need to start from scratch using the experience I have built up rather than trying to edit and adjust the mk1 which is always hard.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded a model and supported rc3dprint this year, I hope to be able to release some exciting new models for you in 2022. Wherever you are in the world, stay safe and have a happy new year.


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Please keep working on the Harrier. The complexity of that aircraft makes it a great candidate for 3D printing.

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