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Working on the Scrappy Cub

After an enforced break from all things 3D printed due to a crazy work schedule we're back! The scrappy Cub is nearly here. The model began life by using the Carbon Cub as its template. I then added the longer wider nose, bigger wing, and of course unique gear as we see on Mike Patey's Scrappy.

The development of this model has been pretty laboured, in part as I really wanted to stay faithful to the twin slatted, fowler flap wing on the real scrappy. I came up with various mechanisms but they were either too complicated or too heavy. I fell back to going for a single slatted version but as time dragged on and my day job ramped up I realised that if I was to get anywhere with this model I would need to start with a simple wing.

That's where I am now. The landing gear has come out really well though it does need pretty tough springs in the shocks to stop it from sitting at the bottom of its travel.

The model has a 1.2m wing span and I expect will come in just under 1kg in weight, printed almost enitirley in PLA with a 1500 4s battery.

Once the model is out I will start work on first a fixed slat, then fowler flaps and finally a working single slat.

Happy flying,


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