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Quickie is Here

The Quickie is available to download on the website. I had intended to officially launch it with a some fanfare once I had gotten some nice flying video, alas, our government here in the UK has announced another lockdown. I would like to have done some more flying before hand as well to really dial in the CG and elevator settings. The elevator is quite powerful and so I really recommend a rolling take off so that you can slowly and smoothly pitch up the aircraft. I would also like to have seen what the model was like using the elevator as and aileron on and aileron as elevators!

I know this will put some people off downloading it for now which I can understand. Once we come out of lockdown I'll endeavour to get some flight video as quick as I can. In the meantime if anyone can send me some video of their Quickie flying I'll refund the purchase price to say thank you!

It was a really fun project and I hope the video Fusion tutorials were of use.

A few people have asked me about printing the Quickie with regular PLA, there is no reason you can't do this, of course it will need to fly faster as the wing loading will be increased. I suggest during building that the minimum amount of infill be used (1-2%) and that the infill printing speed is set to double the wall speed. This has the effect of printing much thinner infill lines, they can sometimes break and look a bit messy inside but in my experience its doesn't effect the strength whilst making the parts significantly lighter.

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Great project, well explained and good subject, No Sausage Factory !!

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