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How to 3D Print an Aeroplane. Join Me!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Its March 2020 and a third of the world is in lockdown. Like many, I have found myself at home with a little more time on my hands than usual.

Like many, working from home isn’t an option for me, I’m an airline pilot and though some of my routes are still flying, I’m only expecting to fly once in the next month due to a combination of leave and the dwindling schedules.

During normal life BC (Before Covid-19), spare time was a bit sparse. I have 2 kids a had a full flying schedule. What spare time I had I would use to design and build 3D printed planes. It would take a couple of months from starting a design to having a printed plane ready to fly.

So now, with lockdown in full swing, I thought I would blog the process of designing and printing an aeroplane from scratch. I’m not a CAD expert so don’t expect a Fusion 360 tutorial but I’ll guide you through the process, from choosing an aircraft, modelling it, 3D printing it, and undertaking the maiden flight ✈️ . I will try to show the multitude of ways I have tripped up in the past and probably find new ways to mess up this time round.

If you're a veteran model aircraft designer why not design the same aircraft along with me, it would be fascinating to see the variety of ways to solve the problems we will come up against and how to finished product differs. At the end of it, I'll make my design free to download for a while, here on the website.

I'll try and post each weekday during lockdown starting tomorrow with choosing the aircraft we will try to model. Any Ideas?

Stay safe,


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