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How To 3D Print an Aircraft - Series 2 Part 1- Rutan Quickie!

I have been asked a few times to do another tutorial on how to design and print a 3D printed RC airplane. I have a quiet few weeks at the day job so I thought I would oblige!

This time we are going to build a Rutan design. With so many amazing aircraft out there by this design legend it was tough to settle on one. I have chosen to do the Quickie, a lightweight single-seat (originaly) taildragger with a tandem wing arrangement. The first design was drawn up in 1977 with a 2 seat version to follow later on. The aircraft was a gem, cruising faster than a Cessna 150 with considerably better fuel efficiency, around 100 miles per gallon.

The last time I did this I presented screencasts of what I was doing but without commentary - this time, I have included a commentary of what I am doing, the videos are in real time so they are going to be longer but hopefully a bit easier to follow.

As with last time, we start by positioning and calibrating the canvases, side, from, and top view. In this episode I have then carried on until we have a general outline of the fuselage and vertical stab. To get the far I have only had to use the sketch, sweep and split functions. Watch the screencast to see how.

If you find the tutorials useful, leave a comment and hit subscribe so you don't miss out on further instalments in the series.

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