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How to 3D Print an Aeroplane - Day 3 - Modelling the Fuselage

Today I’m going to try and get the general shape of the fuselage modelled. As I have said, I’m not an expert on Fusion 360 and have really had to learn through trial and and error, this project is no different!

The two functions that I find most useful for this part of the model are the ‘loft’ and ‘sweep’ functions.

For the Skymaster I’m going to break the fuselage into 3 sections, the nose, the windshield and the aft fuselage. Essentially, you want to look and see if there are any sudden, sharp changes in direction, if so, that probably wants to be a separate part.

From the screencast you can see that I used the loft function for the windshield and the nose, and the sweep function for the aft fuselage. You’ll also notice that it required a fair amount of playing around with the various settings of both to get the shape I wanted, after each change have a look around the model and see how it fits the 3 canvases. If needed you can adjust the sketches after you have created a loft or sweep for a better fit.

At this stage perfect is the enemy of good enough, we can fix some bits later or even find out that they no longer matter when another section is added in.

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