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Fusion 360 Drawings and Calculating CG's

I've been working on a few new projects as well as updating the Avanti for a proper release. Today I built a couple of foam board chuck gliders in order to experiment a bit with the centre of gravity.

Just incase some of you haven't used the drawings feature in Fusion 360 I thought I would make a quick tutorial to show you steps I took. I also show you how you can get dimensions from the drawing to use with an online CG calculator, without getting your tape measure out.

I mocked up a 1:2.8 scale foam board chuck glider of the Avanti 2, taking care to get the 3 wings different angles of incidence represented (its foam board how accurate can you be!).

I found that the aft limit CG for stability was at 47mm in front of the main wing (distances scaled for the full size Avanti 2). I tested it out to 70mm in front, stability was excellent and my feeling is that the canard will have plenty of pitch authority. Beyond 80mm felt too nose heavy.

My kids also had lots of fun just chucking it around the garden...

Stay Safe,


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