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How to 3D Print an Aeroplane - Cessna 337 gets its Maiden Flight

This project began back in March when the world and the UK where I live was thrown into COVID-19 lockdown. Suddenly, many of us who previously had little time to fill in our busy lives, found ourselves with whole days and weeks.

I thought it would be interesting to blog the process of modelling a 3D printed aircraft, hoping that others also with some time on their hands may be keen to follow along and learn some Fusion 360 skills. I don't really remember exactly why I picked the Cessna 337 but I am very grateful I did as it drew the attention of Lee Ray.

Lee is a long time RC enthusiast and co-host of the RC Roundtable podcast, however most importantly he is also a huge fan of the Cessna 337. Lee stumble across an image I had posted on instagram whilst building the 337 prototype and got in touch.

One of the problems I had completing this project during lockdown was that I couldn't get out and flight test the model often. So I decided to try a community approach and release the 337 anyhow.

You can listen to Lee's story on the podcast but is is fair to say he had to endure a rollercoaster ride getting his newley acquired 3D printer to play ball. The results though are fantastic and I am extremely grateful to Lee for sticking with it and sharing his experience and feedback with me which has been incorporated into the model.

When I look back on 2020 and lockdown I doubt there will be much to celebrate, but seeing Lee's video of the maiden flight certainly bought a smile to my face.

See the Cessna 337 page here.

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That SkyMaster is a nice looking plane and flies quite well!

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