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April at rc3Dprint

This month I have been busy building our new workshop, the volume of 3D printed parts and associated equipment has become too much to stay in the house. I have been building it myself which has taken me away from the website.

Work is still continuing, the Dragon had a big update with wing files with a "solid body" construction which means we don't need to use surface mode. If you are an original dragon owner you can get in touch and I will make sure you get access to the version 2 files.

The AW609 has been loaded back into the fusion and a new horizontal stab designed which was a weak point in the system. I have also redesigned the fuselage to make it easier to access the battery and the flight control board to adjust the settings. Last years prototype was printed wholly in regular PLA which proved to be nice and strong, so a hybrid LW-PLA / PLA design going forward might bring some benefits to the weight without losing the strength.

An exciting new project, in the works is a huge 2m wingspan ER-2 (needed to go big after the micro series). This was NASA's utilisation of the U2 spy plane. I wanted to find a use for the 90mm EDF I purchased for use the Harrier. My plan was to go oversize on the EDF, to have either way too much power (for once!) or get some efficiency out of the otherwise inefficient EDF.

I am planning to have a version for belly landing and a version with retracts. There will also be optional wing instrumentation pods - I also thought it would be cool to share the CAD file for the wing section that the pods connect to, so that builders can design design their own pods for FPV camera's or what ever else you can think of!

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