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3D printed Ultra Micro RC is Here. Welcome to the Blackbird

At the end of last year I wrote a blog post about what I wanted to see in 2021. One of the things was some 'UMX' style models. I love designing and building the big planes but realised that if I was having trouble getting somewhere to fly them, so must others. With the Ultra Micro models you can fly them anywhere!

There are other benefits of course, fast prints, using only a small amount of material being some of them. All this is possible using micro electronics.

I am working on a couple of UMX based models at the moment but a chance encounter a few weeks ago with the designer, Anthony Sole, that started with a rather embarrassing misunderstanding, ended with the Micro SR-71 joining rc3Dprint Friends and is hosted here today.

It complements the other designs you'll find on the website. I'm usually inspired by the unusual, or the beautiful and I think you'll agree the SR-71 (or A-12, or A-12/SR-71 hybrid, whatever, its complicated..) Is both unusual and beautiful.

Take a look at the Micro SR-71 page for more details but I will leave the flying video here.

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That is a nice bit of work building a flyable SR71/A12 at that size! I may just buy an Ultrix and save this design for its demise.

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