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X-29 Development

I posted a while back that there was another Grumman model in the works, the X-29. I have been fairly busy lately getting the other models up on the site, but I am still going on this. One of the reasons it's taking some time is that I want to print it with lightweight PLA. The current size of the aircraft is 1400mm in length with a 1000mm wingspan. At this size there isn't really enough room for a retractable undercarriage so I want it to be easy to hand launch. The only way that will be possible with my fairly error prone hand launching is with LW-PLA.

I have had the shape of the aircraft ready for a while, that's usually the straight forward bit. For this aircraft the time consuming elements are different to normal. It's creating wiring channels, the EDF mount, and the servo and control system of the canard. I took a some time also to try and make sure that the ducting wasn't going to suck the life out of the EDF aswell.

I plan to use some carbon on this aircraft, for wing joins and the central fuselage. Anyone familiar with my models will know that I try and avoid it if I can (at some point its stops being a 3D printed plane!) but for this model with the thin wings and narrow fuselage 'throat', plus the plan to use LW-PLA I'll make an exception.

The aircraft will be controlled by the canard and elevons. Some research has indicated that the canard can benefit from some elevon help in pitch and also that with the forward swept wing design is it advisable not to have a moving rudder. Essentially roll induced by yaw is opposite to normal - that I don't need!

Once my printer is free (its currently printing the updated Porter) I am going to run through the suggested temperature and flow procedure for the LW-PLA. After that we'll get printing this beauty.

Here are some estimated specs:

Wing Span 1000mm

Length 1400mm

64mm EDF running on 4S

Target weight for printed parts - 900g PLA 450g LW-PLA

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That is the type of gear I'm looking for. I would not thing nose steering would not to difficult to add. Just a block for some pre-made nose wire. DuBro 1/2A nose gear for an example.

Again thanks for the hard work!



Aug 26, 2020

Hi Bob, I thought I would add in some reinforced holes to take 2mm wire for a rudimentary gear, for the maiden. Wasn’t planning to make it steerable though. What do you think?


Love this jet. Is it possible to add option fixed landing gear. Where I fly here in AZ, belly landing is not good.



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