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Micro Peregrine Maiden flight and a Finished Workshop

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and finding time to get out and fly their RC planes. The last few months have been super busy for me, not least with trying to finish building the new workshop in my back garden.

This left my printer dormant for a while but it is now back up and running full speed to produce all the parts for a couple of new prototypes as well as some upgrades to old favourites.

I got out and flew the Micro Peregrine today. It was awesome. It flew way better than I was expecting in the breezy conditions and given its small size. I thought it would be a handful since I have the AS3X left off but I need not have worried. I had a great time flying the model, the first flight I have done in a while. I am so pleased to have uploaded it into the store. This completes the Micro line up for now. I intend to add more models towards the end of the year. but for now I'm turning my attention to what will be the largest model in the line up, well as turning attention back to VTOL.

Take a look at the flight video.

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2 comentarios

Congrats! Nice workshop and sweet bird!

Me gusta

25 jun 2021

The workshop looks gorgeous! It's making me jealous.

Me gusta
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