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How to 3D Print an Aircraft - Series 2 Part 7 - The Dreaded Wing Join

This episode was not a lot of fun to make, so I apologise if it is not a lot of fun to watch. Getting the overall shape of the aircraft is enjoyable, with instant, gratifying feedback in the sense that you get to see what you have created. Not so much with the smaller, but equally as important stuff. In this episode we go through how I'm going to make the wings removable.

I'm not sure if it clear in the video what I was trying to achieve with the gap under the central wing piece that we joined to the fuselage. Essentially (with the technique I use anyway) we want to avoid having lots of surface walls unnecessarily, as this takes more time to print and increases the weight. In the video I wanted to 'seal' up an unneeded gap. In the end I achieved this by 'patching' up either end, but in order to turn it back into a solid body, as opposed to a collection of surfaces, I needed to 'stitch' the patches on. In order to avoid having faces in the middle of the solid though (which will prevent it turning back into a solid), you need to go through and delete these unneeded surfaces. Its not in the screencast so I apologise and will do my best to show you the technique at a later stage.

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