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How to 3D Print an Aircraft - Series 2 Part 5 - Quickie Rudder and Tail Wheel

This episode was tricky. The rudder was not a problem, I essentially followed the same steps as for the elevator and ailerons but he tail wheel assembly was harder. The main challenge was how to work in the little space available whilst keeping the aircraft looking sleek.

My first attempt was pretty horrid and did little for the clean look of the plane. I would have included the design of it in the screencast but there wasn't any ground breaking Fusion use for it to be worthwhile, whilst it added at least 30-40 minutes. That being said, it was of course instrumental in the final design since, without it, I wouldn't have worked out what doesn't work. Thats an important point to note, when you Arte building things in CAD don't be afraid to have a little think then just dive in, you can always start again.

Here is the first attempt 😱

The assembly that I ended up with still needs to be tested, for strength and motion but that is for another day. I can't remember if I mentioned it in the video but the intention is to use some orthodontic bands on the front 'hook' section to act as a spring. Once my printer is finished with its current job I will print the tail wheel assembly see how it goes.

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