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Howard DGA 5: Image
Howard DGA 5: Image

Howard DGA-5


The Howard DGA-5 “IKE” evolved from one of two almost identical prize-winning racers “MIKE” and “IKE” developed by Benny Howard in 1932. From 1932 to 1936 both planes won plenty of racing prices culminating in 1935 when Howard aircraft won the Bendix, Thomson, and Greve Throphy – a season of racing events that became unofficially known as “Benny Howard National Air Races”.

This 3D printed Howard DGA-5 was designed by Ben Eitel and features a step by step build video as well as a comprehensive assembly manual. It is the first submission to our new sister site

The model requires a print bed size of 190mm/180mm/171mm. 

See the downloadable Assembly manual on this page for more details. 

Wing Span


Flying Weight 

(1800mAh 3S):    950g

Wing Loading

59 g/dm2    20 oz/sq.ft


5 Channel

Howard DGA 5: Text

Flight Video

Check out the 3D printed HOWARD DGA-5 in action.

Howard DGA 5: Video
Howard DGA 5: Image

Howard DGA-5 Printing and Assembly Manual

Howard DGA-5 Assembly Booklet

Everything you need to know, from required parts, print layout and assembly.

Howard DGA 5: Files

Howard DGA-5 Build Video

Howard DGA 5: Video

Howard DGA-5

Howard DGA 5: Image

Howard DGA-5

Howard DGA 5: Gallery
Howard DGA 5: Product Gallery
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