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AW609 Tiltrotor: Image


Challenge yourself to master VTOL with the AW609

The Leonardo AW609 is a civilian tiltrotor, designed primarily with the offshore and VIP markets in mind with its blend of helicopter versatility and fixed wing speed. The aircraft suffered from lengthy delays to the development program due to its complexity and as the companies went through multiple mergers and name changes.

Our 3D printed version of this aircraft has a 900mm wing span and features independent tilting nacelles to give control in pitch roll and yaw during the hover. Whilst the aircraft was extensively tested in the hover but needs more testing transitioning to horizontal flight. I offer the model for sale in this experimental stage rather than have it sitting on the shelf.

The aircraft requires a flight controller capable of transitional VTOL flight. For testing I used the cheap kk2.1 board running the free software openaerovtol.

Two versions of the fuselage are included, one with protrusions to act as landing skids and one without

For our 3D printed model plane version of this unusual aircraft we recommend a print bed size of at least 220mm/220mm/220mm 

See the downloadable Assembly manual on this page for more details. Follow the blog for up to date AW609 news.

Wing Span


Flying Weight 

(2200mAh 3S):   Approx 1300g

Wing Loading

Not Calculated

Wing Cube Loading

Not Calculated


7 Channel minimum

AW609 Tiltrotor: Text

Flight Video

Check out this video of our AW609 demo staring the hover.

AW609 Tiltrotor: Video
AW609 Tiltrotor: Image

AW609 Printing and Assembly

Assembly Booklet

Everything you need to know, from required parts, print layout and assembly.

AW609 Tiltrotor: Files
AW609 Tiltrotor: Featured Product


AW609 Tiltrotor: Gallery
AW609 Tiltrotor: Product Gallery
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