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3D Printed RC Planes

Download and print one of our iconic aircraft

Simply choose one of our carefully designed and tested Radio Controlled planes and download the STL files.

Print the plane on your own 3D printer,  install your own RC parts and go fly!

Crashed your plane? No problem, the digital files

 are yours to use again and again!

Don't have a 3D printer yet? Check out this page.

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Designed to be Printed at Home

Our planes are designed with 3D printing and assembly in mind.

Lightweight and Strong

3D printing allows us to make use of infill patterns to build strong lightweight airframes. For the most part we try to avoid exotic materials like carbon tubing to bring you a true 3D Printed aircraft.

X ray prop.png
3d printed rc plane 337

Disaster No More

Crashing is part a part of model aviation, unlike expensive models, once purchased our models can be printed time and time again.

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