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3D Printed RC Planes

Download and print one of our iconic aircraft

Simply choose one of our carefully designed and tested Radio Controlled planes and download the STL files.

Print the plane on your own 3D printer,  install your own RC parts and go fly!

Crashed your plane? No problem, the digital files

 are yours to use again and again!

Don't have a 3D printer yet? Check out this page.


Latest Updates


SkiGull Pre-release

2nd April 2021

The third addition to our micro series, the Micro SkiGull is available in store.

micro 3d printed plane velocity

Download the Micro Velocity now!

28th March 2021

The Micro Velocity is available to download. This evolution of the Long-EZ is small enough to keep in the back of your car to fly anywhere.

Piaggio Avanti v17.jpg

Avanti 2 is Here

3rd Jan 2021

Thanks to all the community feedback on our experimental Piaggio Avanti the Avanti 2 is here. it is still experimental (COVID lockdowns 😒) so please keep your feedback coming.

x-29 64mm top.png

It's X-29 Time, Now 64mm, 70mm, AND 80mm EDF

31st December, 2020

The X-29 is in store, be sure to read the blog post about this aircraft and how COVID has prevented us from finishing the flight test programme for now.


Quickie is In Store!

November 2020

The Quickie blog build project is now in store. Check out the blog series with screencasts to see how to design your own. Or alternatively download ours for £9.99.

PC-6 Porter floats 3d printed plane v58.png

Pilatus Floats Now Available

9th October, 2020

The Pilatus floats are now available to download. Find them in the store and get out on the water.


The Porter now comes with optional fowler flaps

8th September, 2020

The Porter now has optional fowler flaps included. You can build either wing (or both) to suit your mood. The Assembly manual has been updated. The main difference is the addition of an 8mm carbon spar.

Grumman Mallard v45.JPG

Grumman Mallard gets an upgrade

11th August, 2020

Our Mallard​ now comes with two types of engine nacelle to print, the radial engine version or the turbine engine version. You choose!


Dragon Bushplane joins the fleet.

11th August, 2020

The first design we have hosted that hasn't been designed in-house. The Dragon is a 1400mm bushplane, click here to go to the webpage.


Cessna 337 Skymaster takes flight!

2n August, 2020

Our Cessna 337 has completed its maiden flight. Many thanks go to one of our rc3dprint test pilots. Watch the maiden flight here. Download the aircraft and print your own here.


Designed to be Printed at Home

Our planes are designed with 3D printing and assembly in mind.

Lightweight and Strong

3D printing allows us to make use of infill patterns to build strong lightweight airframes. For the most part we try to avoid exotic materials like carbon tubing to bring you a true 3D Printed aircraft.

X ray prop.png
3d printed rc plane 337

Disaster No More

Crashing is part a part of model aviation, unlike expensive models, once purchased our models can be printed time and time again.