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Nasa ER-2: Image


The ER-2 is modified civilian version of the infamous Lockheed U2, also know as the 'Dragon Lady'.

Our 90mm EDF, 3D printable version here features flaps, speed brakes and an optional retractable landing gear. We also include CAD files for designing your own wing pods to suit your mission. See the downloadable assembly manual for more details.

NASA acquired its first ER-2 aircraft in 1981 and a second in 1989. They replaced two Lockheed U-2 aircraft, which NASA had used to collect science data since 1971. The U-2s, and later the ER-2s, were based at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA, until 1997, when the ER-2s and their operations moved to NASA Dryden.

Since the Airborne Science Program's inaugural flight on Aug. 31, 1971, NASA U-2s and ER-2s have flown more than 4,500 data missions and test flights in support of scientific research.

NASA's ER-2 set a world-altitude record for the class of aircraft with a takeoff weight between 26,455 and 35,275 lb on Nov. 19, 1998, when the aircraft reached 68,700 feet.

For our 3D printed version of this aircraft we recommend a print bed size of 220mm/220mm/200mm.

Our model includes files for a retractable undercarriage or a belly lander with a launch trolly.

Please get in touch at, or use the forum if you have any questions.

See the downloadable Assembly manual on this page for more details. Follow the blog for up to date rc3Dprint news.

Wing Span


Flying Weight 


Wing Loading

50.9 g/dm2    16.6 oz/sq.ft

Wing Cube Loading



6 Channel

Nasa ER-2: Text

Flight Video

ER-2 Flight video will be with us soon. In the meantime, the video the inspired the model.

Nasa ER-2: Video
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Nasa ER-2: Image

Lockheed ER-2 Printing and Assembly

Assembly Booklet

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Nasa ER-2 / U2 Dragon Lady

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