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Project Updates

With the arrival of Autumn work is progressing on our latest two models, the Quickie and the X29.

The Quickie is nearing release, I'm currently working on the assembly manual and print setting guides for this aircraft. Since the first prototype I have made a few small improvements. These are currently rolling off the printer to check they work as planned.

The X-29 is waiting for the front section to be printed. I have held back whilst the Quickie has been printing but also because I wanted to figure out he best way to set up the controls. After much thinking and research I think I am going to go for fixing the canard (I know, I know, if doesn't move it isn't a canard). I think it will make the aircraft more stable and take out some of the unknowns from the maiden flight. After this, later down the line I'll develop a version with the all moving canards.

Whilst the printer has been busy I have been drawing up another aircraft. The main purpose was to have a clean sheet to try out some new techniques and different way to solve all the problems that arise. The test bed for this was the Lockheed 12A Electra Junior, as made famous in the Amelia Earhart biopic Amelia. It is often confused with the Beech Twin, both aircraft were developed around the same time, which is a shame as I think the Electra Junior is a much nicer aircraft to look at. Watch this space for more on this aircraft in the coming months.

Finally, thanks you to everyone who had bought and downloaded a plane, and everyone who has been in touch. It makes it worthwhile to see that people enjoy the designs. Add a comment and let me know what aircraft you would like to see in future!

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