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First flown in September 1986 the Piaggio Avanti is a twin pushers Italian executive transport aircraft. After selling more than 100 examples Piaggio, developed an unmanned military version.

The aircraft feature a unique 3 lifting surface design, where all three surfaces provide lift, unlike a conventional plane where the horizontal stabiliser provides down force. The designers also estimate that 30% of the lift required is generated by the shape of the fuselage, allowing the aircraft to have smaller wings.

Our 3D printed version of this aircraft requires a print bed size of 200mm/200mm/200mm. 

The Avanti is still in its experimental stage, I HAVE NOT FLOWN IT YET. Due to popular demand is available in the store for just £2.99. Help the project along by posting your builds and maiden flights on instagram with the tag #rc3dprint. You can also email with your suggestions to improve the design.

Follow the blog for up to date Avanti news.

Wing Span


Flying Weight 

(2200mAh 3S):    1100g

Wing Loading

53 g/dm2    17.4 oz/sq.ft

Wing Cube Loading



4 Channel

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Piaggio Avanti Printing and Assembly

Download Now

Assembly Booklet

Everything you need to know, from required parts, print layout and assembly.

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Piaggio Avanti

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